How It Works

The process is simple:

You pay your annual Relationship Subscription of $99.00 per couple. Each partner will receive a link to complete a psychometric assessment. We will process the results, and within 72 hours you will receive your 12-page Relationship Report to help you understand your partner and your relationship in a far deeper way than ever before.

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Does it really work?

Why do you and your partner
do the things you do?

The only constant humans have, is the way their brains are wired. Through a unique psychometric assessment, we are able to identify your wiring and explain why you and your partner do the things you do. Relationships are hard, we want to help you to make them a bit easier. Understand yourself and your partner in a whole new way and use this information to improve your relationship.

How It Works:

Sagacity will allow couples to have a clear understanding of their own and their partner’s innate wiring. This is not about personality nor is it about behavior, as personalities and behaviors change based on circumstance – have you ever noticed your partner have a sudden mood swing? When you understand how your partner is wired and as such, why they do the things they do, it is much easier to build a positive relationship, work around issues, and yes, even compromise for your partner’s benefit and your long-term relationship. You will communicate better, understand why you each do what you do, make better decisions, manage jealousy and be a more supportive and open to your partner.

Additional Deep Dive Session:

Should you wish to explore the results further, you can schedule a live online session with us, for $75.00. During this session we will take you through your results in detail and share some great experiences and advice with you. Once you have paid your subscription and have completed the psychometric assessments, Please email, with your request and we will arrange a suitable time for you.